is python requests built in

Is Python Requests Built-In?

If you're new to Python programming, you might be wondering if the Requests library is built-in or not. Well, the answer is no, it is not.

Python Requests is a third-party library that you will need to install separately before you can use it in your code. Requests is a popular Python library used for making HTTP requests to other websites or APIs. It simplifies the process of sending HTTP/1.1 requests and handling responses.

So, how do you install Requests? You can install it using pip, which is the package installer for Python. Here's an example:

pip install requests

Once you have installed the Requests library, you can import it into your code like this:

import requests

From here, you can start making requests to other websites or APIs. For example, here's how you can send a GET request to a website:

response = requests.get('')

The response variable will contain the response object returned from the website. You can then use various methods and attributes on this object to handle the response.

So, to sum up, Python Requests is not built-in and needs to be installed separately using pip. Once installed, you can import it into your code and start using it to make HTTP requests.