is requests part of python standard library

Is Requests Part of Python Standard Library?

import requests

Requests is a popular third-party Python library for making HTTP requests. It's widely used for web scraping, API consumption, testing and more. However, it's not a part of the Python Standard Library.

What is Python Standard Library?

The Python Standard Library is a collection of modules and packages that comes with Python installation. These modules are developed and maintained by Python developers and can be used to perform various tasks such as file I/O, network programming, regular expressions, etc. without installing any third-party libraries.

How to Check if Requests is Installed?

import sys
if 'requests' in sys.modules:
    print('Requests is installed.')
    print('Requests is not installed.')

You can check if requests is installed on your system by importing it and checking if it raises any ImportError. Alternatively, you can also use the above-mentioned code snippet to check if requests is already imported in your current Python environment.

How to Install Requests?

Since Requests is not a part of the Python Standard Library, you need to install it separately. You can install it using pip, which is the default package installer for Python.

pip install requests

Once installed, you can import requests module in your Python script and start using it to make HTTP requests.


Requests is a third-party Python library that is widely used for making HTTP requests. It's not a part of the Python Standard Library but can be easily installed using pip package installer. By using requests, you can easily make HTTP requests and handle the responses in your Python code.