post file in python requests

How to Post a File in Python Requests

If you are working with Python and need to upload a file to a server, it can be easily done using the requests library. Here is how you can post a file in Python requests:

Step 1: Import the requests module

import requests

Step 2: Set up the file to be uploaded

Before you can upload a file, you need to have the file ready. You can use the built-in Python open function to read the contents of the file:

with open('filename.txt', 'rb') as f:
    data =

In this example, we are reading the contents of a file called filename.txt and storing it in a variable called data.

Step 3: Set up the URL and parameters

Next, you need to set up the URL where you want to upload the file and any parameters that need to be included in the request. For example:

url = ''
params = {'key': 'value'}

In this example, we are setting the URL to and including a parameter called key with a value of value.

Step 4: Send the request

Finally, you can send the request using the function:

response =, params=params, data=data)

This will send a POST request to the specified URL with the specified parameters and file data. The response variable will contain the server's response.

Alternative Method: Using the files parameter

Alternatively, you can use the files parameter of the function to upload a file:

url = ''
files = {'file': open('filename.txt', 'rb')}
params = {'key': 'value'}
response =, files=files, params=params)

In this example, we are using the files parameter to upload a file called filename.txt. The key in the files dictionary will be used as the name of the parameter in the request.


Uploading a file in Python requests is fairly straightforward. You can either include the file data in the data parameter or use the files parameter to upload a file directly. Either way, make sure you have the necessary permissions to upload files to the server.