python module requests_oauthlib

Python Module requests_oauthlib

Python is one of the most popular programming languages that is widely used to build applications, automate tasks, and much more. Python has a vast library of modules that can help to simplify the development process. One of these modules that are worth mentioning is the requests_oauthlib library.

What is requests_oauthlib?

The requests_oauthlib library is a Python module that allows developers to easily integrate OAuth2 authentication into their Python applications. OAuth2 is a protocol that allows users to grant limited access to their resources on one site, to another site, without sharing their credentials. This is done by providing an authorization token that authorizes access to certain resources.

How to use requests_oauthlib?

Using requests_oauthlib is simple and straightforward. First, you need to install the library using pip. Once installed, you can import the library using the following code:

import requests_oauthlib

After importing the library, you can start using it by creating an OAuth2Session instance. This instance is used to make requests to the OAuth2 server and obtain an access token that can be used to access protected resources.

from requests_oauthlib import OAuth2Session
    client_id = 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID'
    client_secret = 'YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET'
    redirect_uri = 'YOUR_REDIRECT_URI'

    oauth = OAuth2Session(client_id, redirect_uri=redirect_uri)
    authorization_url, state = oauth.authorization_url('')
    print('Please go to %s and authorize access.' % authorization_url)
    redirect_response = input('Paste the full redirect URL here: ')
    token = oauth.fetch_token('', authorization_response=redirect_response, client_secret=client_secret)

    # Now you can use the token to access protected resources!
    response = oauth.get('')

The code above creates an OAuth2Session instance and uses it to obtain an access token from the OAuth2 server. The client_id, client_secret, and redirect_uri parameters are obtained from the OAuth2 server. Once the access token is obtained, it can be used to make requests to protected resources by passing the token as a parameter to the requests function.


The requests_oauthlib library is an excellent Python module that makes it easy for developers to integrate OAuth2 authentication into their applications. This library provides a simple and straightforward way to obtain an access token that can be used to access protected resources on OAuth2 servers.