python requests insecurerequestwarning

Python Requests InsecureRequestWarning

Python Requests is a popular and powerful library for making HTTP requests in Python. However, sometimes when making requests to certain websites, you might encounter an InsecureRequestWarning.

What is an InsecureRequestWarning?

An InsecureRequestWarning is a warning message that is raised when you try to make an HTTPS request to a website that has an invalid SSL certificate or uses a self-signed certificate. This warning is raised because the connection to the website is not fully secure and can potentially be intercepted by attackers.

How to handle InsecureRequestWarning?

There are a few ways to handle InsecureRequestWarning:

  • Ignore the warning: This is not recommended as it could potentially leave your connection insecure and vulnerable to attacks.
  • Disable the warning: You can disable the warning by setting the verify parameter to False when making the request. However, this should only be done if you are sure that the website is safe.
  • Trust the certificate: You can trust the website's SSL certificate by adding it to your system's trusted certificates. This can be done by exporting the website's certificate and importing it into your trusted certificates store.

Example code

import requests
import urllib3

# Ignoring the warning
response = requests.get('', verify=False)

# Disabling the warning
response = requests.get('', verify=False)

# Trusting the certificate
response = requests.get('', verify='/path/to/certificate.pem')

In the above code, we have used the requests library to make HTTPS requests to the website. We have also disabled the InsecureRequestWarning by disabling the urllib3 warning.

When making the request, we have used the verify parameter to handle the InsecureRequestWarning. If we want to ignore the warning, we can set verify to False. If we want to disable the warning, we can also set it to False. Finally, if we want to trust the website's certificate, we can set verify to the path of the certificate file.

It is important to handle InsecureRequestWarning properly as it can potentially leave your connection insecure and vulnerable to attacks. Always make sure that you trust the website before disabling or ignoring the warning.