python requests library not found

Python Requests Library Not Found

If you are encountering an error message indicating that the Python Requests Library is not found, then it means that the Python interpreter is unable to locate the necessary module files for the Requests Library. This error is common when using the Python requests module to make HTTP requests in your Python scripts.

The Python Requests Library is not a built-in module, so you have to install it manually to use it. You can install the Requests module by running the following command in your terminal:

pip install requests

If you have installed the Requests Library but still encounter this error, then it could be due to a couple of reasons:

1. Incorrect Installation

You may have installed the Requests library in a different version of Python than what you are currently using. Make sure that you have installed the Requests Library for the correct Python environment.

2. Incorrect Module Name

You might be using an incorrect module name when importing the library. The correct import statement should look like this:

import requests

If you are still encountering issues with importing the Requests library, then you might want to try out other installation methods such as:

  • Installing requests module using Anaconda Navigator
  • Installing from the source code
  • Installing using pip3 instead of pip

By trying out these different installation methods, you will be able to resolve the issue of Python Requests Library Not Found.