python requests module aws lambda

Python Requests Module AWS Lambda

If you are working with AWS Lambda and need to make HTTP requests, the Python Requests module is a great choice. It allows you to easily send HTTP requests and handle the responses in your Python code.

Installing Requests module

To install the Requests module, you can use pip:

pip install requests

Using Requests module in AWS Lambda

Once you have installed the Requests module, you can import it in your Lambda function:

import requests

Then, you can use the requests.get() method to send a GET request:

response = requests.get('')

You can also use the method to send a POST request:

data = {'key': 'value'}
response ='', data=data)

Working with Response

The requests.get() and methods return a Response object. You can access the HTTP status code of the response using the status_code attribute:

status_code = response.status_code

You can access the response body as text using the text attribute:

response_text = response.text

If the response is JSON format, you can access the response body as a Python dictionary using the json() method:

response_dict = response.json()


The Python Requests module is a great choice for making HTTP requests in AWS Lambda functions. It is easy to use and provides a lot of flexibility for handling HTTP responses.