python requests module missing

Python Requests Module Missing

Python is an easy-to-learn programming language that has gained immense popularity among developers. One of the most powerful and widely-used modules in Python is the Requests module, which is used for making HTTP requests. However, sometimes you may encounter an error that says "Python Requests Module Missing".

What does the error mean?

The "Python Requests Module Missing" error means that the Requests module is not installed on your system or it is not accessible to your Python environment.

How to fix the error?

To fix the "Python Requests Module Missing" error, you need to install the Requests module on your system. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Open a command prompt or terminal window.
  • Type the following command:
pip install requests
  • Press Enter.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • Once the installation is complete, try to run your Python program again. The error should be resolved.

If you're using a virtual environment for your Python projects, make sure to activate the environment before installing the Requests module. You can activate a virtual environment by running the following command:

source /path/to/venv/bin/activate

If you're still unable to resolve the error after installing the Requests module, make sure that you have the correct version of Python installed and that your environment variables are set up correctly.


The "Python Requests Module Missing" error can be frustrating, but it is easy to fix by installing the Requests module on your system. By following the steps outlined above, you should be able to resolve the error and continue with your Python programming.