what is timeout in requests python

What is Timeout in Requests Python?

Timeout is an important aspect of web development when it comes to handling requests in Python. It refers to the maximum amount of time that a client will wait for a response from the server before giving up.

In other words, if a server does not respond within the specified time period, the client will terminate the request and move on to the next task.

Timeout Parameter in Requests Python

For making a request in Python, we use the requests library which comes with various built-in parameters that can be used to customize the request. One such parameter is the timeout parameter which is used to specify the maximum time to wait for a response from the server.

The timeout parameter can be set either as a single value or as a tuple of two values - connect timeout and read timeout. Connect timeout is the maximum time to wait for a connection to be established with the server, while read timeout is the maximum time to wait for a response after a connection has been established.

Example Code

import requests

# Single value timeout
response = requests.get('https://example.com', timeout=5)

# Tuple value timeout
response = requests.get('https://example.com', timeout=(3, 5))