python requests ignore warnings

Python Requests Ignore Warnings

If you are working with Python Requests library, you might come across warning messages that could cause confusion in your console. These warnings might include SSL warnings, insecure request warnings, etc. You can ignore these warnings using Python Requests.

Ignoring Warnings Using Requests

You can ignore warnings using the requests.packages.urllib3.disable_warnings function from the Python requests module. This function disables all the warnings that are generated by urllib3, the library used by requests to handle HTTP connections.

    import requests
    from requests.packages.urllib3.exceptions import InsecureRequestWarning
    # Your requests go here

In the above code example, we import the requests module and its InsecureRequestWarning exception. We then call the requests.packages.urllib3.disable_warnings() function and pass in the InsecureRequestWarning as the parameter to disable this warning.

You can modify the code to disable other warnings by importing the corresponding exceptions from urllib3 and passing them to the disable_warnings() function.

Ignoring Warnings Using Command Line Arguments

You can also ignore warnings using command line arguments when running your Python script. You can use the -W ignore option to ignore all warnings or -W default to reset warnings to their default behaviour.

    python -W ignore

You can also use the -W action:message option to control how warnings are issued. For example, you can use -W error::UserWarning to turn UserWarnings into exceptions.

Ignoring Warnings Using Environment Variables

You can set the PYTHONWARNINGS environment variable to ignore warnings in your Python script. You can set it to ignore to ignore all warnings or default to reset warnings to their default behaviour.

    export PYTHONWARNINGS=ignore

You can also use the action:message format to control how warnings are issued, similar to the command line option.

In conclusion, there are several ways to ignore warnings when working with Python Requests library. You can use the disable_warnings() function, command line arguments or environment variables depending on your preference. It is important to note that ignoring warnings can lead to security vulnerabilities, so use with caution.