python requests is not defined

Python requests is not defined

If you are getting an error message saying "Python requests is not defined", it means that your Python script is unable to identify the "requests" module. This module is used for making HTTP requests in Python and is not a built-in module, hence it needs to be installed separately.

Solution 1: Installing requests module

To install the requests module, you can use pip command in your terminal:

pip install requests

This will install the requests module on your system, and you should be able to import it in your Python script.

Solution 2: Checking the import statement

Another reason why you might be getting this error is that the import statement for the requests module is not correct.

import requests

Make sure that the import statement is correct and there are no typos or syntax errors.

Solution 3: Checking the python environment

If you have multiple python environments in your system, it is possible that you have installed the requests module in a different environment which is not being used by the script. In such cases, you can specify the python environment using the shebang line at the beginning of your script:

#!/usr/bin/env python
import requests

This will ensure that the correct python environment is used for running the script.

Make sure to try out these solutions one by one, and see which one works for you. Hopefully, this will resolve the "Python requests is not defined" error that you are facing.