python requests no module named chardet

Python Requests Error: No Module Named Chardet

If you have ever encountered the error "No Module named Chardet" while working with Python Requests module, then this article is for you. This error occurs when the Chardet library is not installed or not found in the environment where the code is being executed.

What is Chardet?

Chardet is a python library used for character encoding detection. It detects the encoding of a byte stream or file-like object.

How to Fix "No Module Named Chardet" Error?

There are a few ways to fix this error:

  • Install Chardet Library: The easiest way to fix this error is to install the Chardet library. You can install it using pip, which is the python package manager. Open the command prompt and type:
# using pip
pip install chardet
  • Update Requests Library: If you have already installed the Chardet library and still facing the error, then you can try updating the Requests library. Open the command prompt and type:
# using pip
pip install requests --upgrade

If you are using Anaconda, you can install both libraries using the following command:

# using conda
conda install -c anaconda requests chardet

Once you have installed the Chardet library, you can import it in your code using the following line:

import chardet

Now you can use the Chardet library without any errors.


In this article, we have discussed the "No Module Named Chardet" error and how to fix it. Installing the Chardet library or updating the Requests library can resolve this error.